SpringRole Scales Professional Network Protocol on Matic’s Sidechains

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As more industries pivot towards blockchain adoption, one enterprise-level application of blockchain technology may have a monumental impact on corporate recruitment. The job market is experiencing a changing dynamic where it’s no longer a one-way street of applicants seeking employment. 

According to MRINetwork, the current job market is 90% candidate-driven. Employers now target their postings for prospective candidates. The prevalence of digitized resumes enables employers to reach out to candidates and vice versa. Platforms such as LinkedIn, Indeed, etc. showcase the various ways candidates interact with potential employers.

SpringRole Set to Scale Utilizing Matic Sidechains to Reach Immense Talent Pool in India

Although it’s quite strenuous for employers to verify the credentials and qualifications of a candidates’ profile, professional network platforms have opened new doors in the recruiting process. It has streamlined the accessibility for employers and candidates to connect through the web. To have professional profiles on the blockchain will be much more valuable to both parties.

We’re excited to announce that SpringRole will be building on top of the Matic Network and utilizing its Layer-2 scaling solution for off-chain computation, asset security, & Proof-of-Stake (PoS) validators. SpringRole is a decentralized attestation-based professional network platform powered by blockchain technology. SpringRole aims to become the leading professional platform which allows users to view, share and get attestations on their professional profile to increase credibility and showcase their verified credentials with employers.

SpringRole is based out of India as well, with over 44,000 users at the time of this article. The project will be building on Matic side chains to scale its network in order to effectively reach out to the immense talent pool in India. Having one’s qualifications and work experience on the blockchain will ensure that the data is immutable, verified, and most importantly, belongs to the end-user. With SpringRole, users will be rewarded for using their platform and engaging with others. By building on top of Matic, SPRING tokens can be transferred easily at a low cost to enable faster and economical services on the SpringRole platform.

Aside from SpringRole building on Matic’s sidechains, the Matic team will be working alongside SpringRole in other business aspects such as Marketing and Business Development. Matic Network strives to impact all areas of projects that’s beyond project development; this includes the tertiary facets of business development, partnerships, user acquisition, & marketing.


The SpringRole project aims to create a seamless integration with the recruitment sector. Some even call the project; The LinkedIn alternative on the Blockchain. In addition, it also looks to make it easier for employers to instantly verify the legitimacy of candidate profiles. By building on top of Matic Network’s sidechains, SpringRole will be able to scale their network faster and more effectively for job recruiters to find their ideal candidates around the world.

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