Springworks & Matic Launch SpringRecruit Blockchain Careers

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Blockchain technology and decentralized applications are already impacting the world of technology massively. However, to accelerate the process, the ecosystem still requires more talent.

Through the launch of blockchain career listings on SpringRecruit (a recruitment platform produced by Springworks and powered by Matic), we are providing a platform to connect talented individuals, whether tech or non-tech, to the companies that are building on blockchain. This initiative is part of Matic and Springworks’ shared mission to build a more decentralized world.

For candidates

Find your next job in blockchain! By applying via SpringRecruit, candidates can connect with companies hiring in just a few clicks.

Candidates can head to the website: https://blockchain.springrecruit.com/ and take the first step towards their career in the blockchain industry!

There are already a variety of growing companies, including Matic and Springworks themselves, searching for talent with SpringRecruit. Many more will be joining the platform.

For companies

Sign up and receive access to a massive pool of talent that’s looking to work on cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, and also people from non-tech domains who wish to work for tech companies in the blockchain industry.

Blockchain companies who wish to get access to these candidates can add their job openings to the website by sending an email to: junius.dsilva@srecruit.info

Accelerating the growth of the decentralized movement

Speaking about the SpringRecruit blockchain careers listing initiative, Kartik Mandaville, CEO of Springworks, remarked:

“Blockchain is upending the world of technology and ushering us into an era of decentralization. It’s imperative that more and more engineering talent, as well as talent from other domains, is brought into the fold. At Springworks, we’re glad to be partnering with Matic Network to help further this cause. Matic is a credible name in the blockchain space, having built one of the most game-changing products with the backing of industry stalwarts like CZ of Binance and Coinbase. With the combined forces of all these communities, I believe we have the correct recipe for effectively getting this initiative to the target audience.”

About SpringRecruit:

SpringRecruit is a forever-free Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that saves you the hassles of Google Sheets and Excel files. With our elegant and advanced, yet simple-to-use, ATS you get total control over the creation, promotion and management of job openings. That’s why SpringRecruit is already being used by high-growth upstarts like Matic, BankOpen and many more organisations.

Check it out here: https://www.springrecruit.com/

Springrecruit is a product of Springworks.

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