Supporting Blockchain Development at InOut 6.0: Matic Network Bounties

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InOut 6.0 is currently underway, and Matic is in attendance as a prominent supporter! Since 2015, InOut has been an event where tech leaders and the brightest minds come together to collaborate on building tools that solve real problems. Over the last few years, InOut has grown to become India’s largest community hackathon.

Developers of all types and backgrounds are welcome to join InOut, which caters towards not only blockchain development but also an array of cutting-edge technologies including AI, IoT and VR/AR. It’s therefore the perfect event at which to spread the word of blockchain to the wider developer community.

Not only is Matic Network’s Blockchain Engineer, Arpit Agarwal, speaking on stage on the topic of ‘Blockchain 101’, but we are also providing a range of lucrative bounties for the attendees who decide to #BUIDL on Matic Network.

InOut 6.0 Matic Bounty Tracks

We like to think outside the box when it comes to our bounty tracks, and have come up with some awesome ideas to motivate the InOut hackers to try their hand at blockchain development by building on Matic.

Card Game – Turn-Based Game

Aim of the Project: To build a turn-based card game where users can draw cards against players based on attributes of a character and win rewards for winning rounds and games.

  1. Build a turn-based game
  2. Users play the game online
  3. Users get an equal number of cards dealt
  4. Based on the cards attributes, for example:
    a. WWE Card, where attributes such as Height, Biceps and Matches won would be present on the card
    b. User picks a card and decides to challenge others by selecting one attribute
    c. Other users draw their cards accordingly in the pool
    d. The winner with the highest attribute wins
    e. The winner of the rounds gets rewards
    f. The round continues until all the cards on the table are dealt
    g. Endgame, there is a winner

Fantasy league

Aim of the project – To build a Fantasy League platform where users can assemble a team within a budget and play against each other to top the leaderboard

  1. Every user will be assembling a team (buying players)
  2. Based on the performances of the player scoring metrics will be decided
  3. The total team score will be evaluated based on the performances
  4. Leaderboard after the Gameweek/match
  5. Rewards are distributed accordingly

Note – Each player on the platform will be an NFT

Meta Transactions

Build a DApp employing Meta transactions using GSN.

InOut hackers, let’s #BUIDL!

One of our core goals is to introduce mainstream developers to blockchain development, thereby increasing the number of BUIDLers of the decentralized future. We are therefore thrilled to be connecting with such a wide array of budding developers attending InOut 6.0 to present the opportunities that blockchain development can provide.

The Matic team thoroughly enjoys supporting such events, which not only cultivate the future of blockchain in India but also help us to bridge the gap between the current blockchain ecosystem and mainstream devs.

We look forward to seeing what the hackers #BUIDL on Matic Network!

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