Supporting Blockchain Development at InOut 6.0: Recap

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Recently, the Matic team attended the InOut 6.0 hackathon as prominent supporters. InOut – an event where tech leaders and the brightest minds come together to collaborate on building tools that solve real problems – has grown to become India’s largest community hackathon since its launch in 2015.

InOut 6.0 took place on October 19-20 in the ‘Silicon Valley of India’, Bangalore. With over 400+ attendees, this year’s InOut hackathon was certainly the biggest and most successful iteration so far.

It was a pleasure to support such an incredible event, and an honour to represent not only Matic Network but also the blockchain space as a whole. The event was filled with learning, networking and of course a ton of BUIDLing.

Here’s a run-down of our time at InOut 6.0!

Spreading knowledge: introducing the InOut hackers to blockchain

InOut caters to a wide range of developers, focusing on an array of cutting-edge technologies, including AI, IoT and VR/AR, as well as blockchain. We were therefore thrilled to be connecting with such a wide variety of budding developers attending InOut 6.0 to present the opportunities that blockchain development can provide.

To this end, Matic’s Blockchain Engineer Arpit Agarwal delivered a talk to the attendees on the topic of ‘Blockchain 101’, introducing the hackers to the basic concepts of blockchain and why it is such a crucial technology.

Check out Arpit’s full seminar here:

Encouraging blockchain development through interesting bounties

Following on from Arpit’s introduction to blockchain, Matic’s Community Manager, Nirbhik Jangid, gave a presentation on Matic Network and our mission before being joined on stage by Angela, Matic Dapp Solutioning expert, to explain Matic’s bounties on offer for the hackers.

See the footage of Nirbhik and Angela on stage here:

We provided a range of interesting bounty tracks to encourage the attendees to try their hand at blockchain development by #BUIDLing on Matic Network.

Matic’s InOut 6.0 bounties included:

Card Game – Turn-Based Game

Aim of the project: To build a turn-based card game where users can draw cards against players based on attributes of a character and win rewards for winning rounds and games.

Fantasy League

Aim of the project: To build a Fantasy League platform where users can assemble a team within a budget and play against each other to top the leaderboard.

Meta Transactions

Aim of the project: To build a DApp employing Meta transactions using GSN.

BUIDLing: getting hands-on with blockchain development

With the attendees suitably educated about the importance of blockchain technology and Matic’s role within the blockchain movement, it was time for them to BUIDL! The Matic team was on hand to assist the hackers with building their solutions on Matic Network, both at the Matic booth and in the main hall.

The hackers had just 25 hours to exercise their development skills to build a solution to impress the judges for their chance to win one of the lucrative bounty prizes on offer. It was a pleasure to see so many developers from across so many various niches innovating together in the same room. The energy was amazing.

After 24 hours of relentless hacking, the developers were still going strong. Nevertheless, the clock was ticking. It was soon time for the judging to begin.

Deciding the winners of Matic’s InOut bounty

After the hackers BUIDLing on Matic Network showcased their solutions to the Matic team, a challenging judging session took place to decide the winners of the Matic Network bounty. It was then time to announce the winner from the tonnes of incredible hacks.

Congratulations to the DeCent League team for winning the Matic bounty for their awesome decentralized Fantasy League Android application!

Value Proposition: DeCent League removes bias from organisers, whilst ensuring all transactions are secure and private. There is no opportunity for influence from league organisers for a particular team to have a higher winning chance than others, and no transaction cost is given to the organiser.

Nirbhik on stage alongside the top 3 selected teams for the InOut blockchain track

Closing thoughts: onward to India’s decentralized future

The talent displayed by the InOut hackers was humbling, and it was an pleasure to see so many decide to try their hand at blockchain development by BUIDLing on Matic Network.

Poised to overtake the US with the largest developer population globally by 2024 and home to a rapidly growing crypto community, India is positioned to become a leading hub of blockchain innovation. We are proud to be taking such a prominent role in spearheading the acceleration of blockchain adoption in India and look forward to our decentralized future!

India, let’s keep BUIDLing!

And that’s a wrap! InOut judges on stage with the winning hackers!

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