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The Matic team recently supported the young BUIDLers at the HackVerse hackathon, held at the National Institute of Technology Karnataka (NITK), India. With over 2500 registrations by students from institutions across the country, HackVerse was one of the largest student-organised hackathons in India.

The 24-hour hackathon provided a platform for attendees to learn, expand on, and brainstorm exciting new ideas and build solutions to today’s problems using a wide range of cutting-edge technologies.

We were thrilled to help attendees to immerse themselves in the world of blockchain development using Matic Network, and it was an honour to represent not only Matic but also the blockchain space as a whole.

The event was filled with learning, networking and of course a ton of BUIDLing. Let’s take a look at our time at HackVerse!

Let the hackathon begin! HackVerse opening ceremony

Spreading knowledge: introducing the HackVerse hackers to blockchain

HackVerse caters to a wide range of developers, focusing on an array of cutting-edge technologies, including AI, IoT and VR/AR, as well as blockchain. We were therefore thrilled to be connecting with such a wide variety of budding developers attending HackVerse to present the opportunities that blockchain development can provide.

Our very own Growth Hacker & Community Manager, Nirbhik Jangid, gave a speech on the topic of ‘Why build on Matic?’, to introduce the young and aspiring hackers of India to the world of not only Matic but the concepts of blockchain development in general and the importance of decentralized solutions.

After Nirbhik’s speech and the others in the series of insightful talks by leaders from across different industries – including representatives from Wells Fargo India, DigitalOcean, and Devfolio – it was then time to BUIDL!

BUIDLing solutions for the future

From the 2500 registrations received, around 200 talented candidates were selected after an intense review process based on their technical profiles. These 200 hackers who made the cut formed over 65 teams who battled it out during HackVerse – the final showdown.

The hackers had just 24 hours to exercise their development skills and build their solutions to impress the judges for their chance to win one of the lucrative bounty prizes on offer.

It was exciting to see talented developers from across so many various niches innovating together! The energy was amazing.

After 22 hours of relentless hacking, the developers were given some well-deserved rest and relaxation time over dinner. They had the opportunity to network with one another over food and discuss their innovative ideas.

When dinner had concluded, the clock was still ticking and the final hacking stint began. It was soon time for the judging to begin.

Let the judging begin

After the hackers showcased their solutions to the judges, including our Growth Hacker & Community Manager, Nirbhik Jangid, it was time to decide the finalists.

The top 10 teams, as decided collectively by the judges, presented their ideas to the audience and the judges chose three winning teams based on the idea, execution and presentation of their hacks.

Judges, sat at the front, and other hackers watching the finalists’ presentations

The competition was fierce, but a few of the many incredible hacks on display particularly caught the attention of the judges.

Kartik Kulkarni and Mahanthesh R received first place for their project ‘Extended Reality Haptic Gloves: feel VR with your own hands’. In close second came Saurabh Agarwala, Aakash Singh and Shashank Jaiswal of NITK Surathkal for their innovation ‘The Safety Navigator: find safe locations without internet’, while Apoorva M K and Govind Jeevan of NITK Surathkal came in third for ‘EchoMark: a sound-based attendance management system’.

The three winning teams shared a total prize pool of ₹175,000. Well deserved!

Announcing the winners of Matic’s HackVerse bounty

The Matic team provided a range of bounty tracks to inspire the HackVerse hackers to try their hand at blockchain development using Matic. We were honored by the number of hackers who decided to BUIDL their solutions on Matic Network – many even with no prior knowledge of Dapp development.

We would like to congratulate the winners of the Matic Network HackVerse hackathon bounty, which were:

1st place: DiskSpace 2.0 – A decentralised high-performance, end-to-end encrypted file storage solution which enables enhanced security and faster accessibility of your own data, whilst reducing the possibility of downtime.

2nd place: NerdyBits – This project is designed to make it easier to not only share your medical records with doctors, but to protect your data. NerdyBits helps hospitals to manage appointments also.

3rd place: Decentralized KYC – Decentralised identity verification solution helping banks to unify KYC data in such a manner that they can all access it without undergoing redundant, costly KYC checks.

Closing thoughts: onward to India’s decentralised future

The Matic team had a wonderful time connecting with India’s budding BUIDLers of tomorrow. We’d like to say thank you to the 35 student organisers, the faculty and fellow judges who made the event such a huge success.

It was a pleasure to assist some of India’s brightest talent to immerse themselves in the world of blockchain development using Matic Network, and it was an honour to represent not only Matic but also the blockchain space as a whole.

HackVerse’s resounding success is yet another sign of India’s bright decentralised future, and its position as a global leader in the blockchain space. We look forward to taking part in the many other hackathons in the pipeline this year to drive the development of a more open, decentralized future.

That’s a wrap! HackVerse judges, NITK faculty members and hackathon winners at the close of the event

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