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The Matic team was proud to accelerate the growth of the Indian developer ecosystem by recently supporting the world’s biggest online Ethereum hackathon, ETHIndia Online, as Lead Sponsor.

The hackathon took place entirely online from January 22 – February 29, and brought together developers from across the globe to help build our decentralized future. Originally due to run for one month, ETHIndia Online was extended by a further week due to the incredible amount of interest in taking part from developers.

ETHIndia Online was organised by our longstanding hackathon partners, Devfolio, with whom we have supported upwards of 50 hackathons this past year already. Matic is committed to BUIDLing India’s decentralized future, which is why we previously announced our pledge of $50,000 to the Developer Support Fund for Devfolio hackers who want to move their projects forward.

It was an honor to take a leading role in this ground-breaking format of ETHIndia. Let’s take a deeper look into ETHIndia Online!

The first of a ground-breaking online hackathon series

The hugely successful ETHIndia hackathon series has brought many developers into the blockchain movement, including our very own Blockchain Engineer, Arpit Agarwal.

“ETHIndia was my first tryst with DApps and it helped me kickstart my adventures in Ethereum.”

Arpit Agarwal, Blockchain Engineer – Matic Network

The difference with this iteration of ETHIndia is that it took place entirely online, meaning participants had the opportunity to BUIDL alongside developers across the world. This is the perfect medium for facilitating diverse skills and ideas, good memories, and awesome hacks.

The online format also allowed us to connect with a wider base of hackers to share our insights and help educate the global developer community on the importance and technical details of blockchain technology and development.

Equipping the hackers with fundamental blockchain knowledge

Our Blockchain Engineer, Arpit Agarwal, conducted a workshop on ‘Blockchain 101’ and connected with the ETHIndia Online hackers for an AMA session to provide the necessary information for a solid understanding of blockchain technology.

In his workshop, Arpit provided a base understanding of decentralized systems and their fundamental importance, diving into the technology behind blockchain, disruptive use cases and more!

“People are driven by different incentives. If those incentives are not aligned, it often becomes a problem. With blockchain, you can work for your own interests, but that will also benefit the whole.”

Arpit Agarwal, Blockchain Engineer – Matic Network

Providing deeper insights into DApp development

In order to provide the ETHIndia Online hackers with the necessary information on building DApps and a solid understanding of web interaction with smart contracts, our Application Engineer, Sayli Patil, conducted a workshop on the topic of ‘DApp 101 – Build a DApp from scratch on Ethereum & Matic’.

Check out Sayli’s full workshop below:

Matic bounty tracks & winners

We like to think outside the box when it comes to our bounty tracks, and we came up with some awesome ideas to motivate the ETHIndia Online hackers to try their hand at building on Matic.

We were honored by the number of hackers who decided to BUIDL their solutions on Matic Network. The competition was fierce, but several of the many incredible hacks particularly impressed the Matic team.

Let’s dive into some of the awesome winning hacks!

Bounty track: Meta Transactions ($500 prize)

Aim: Make use of Gas Station Network or Biconomy to employ meta transactions in your application.

Winner: Pouch Wallet, by Rohith Srivathsav & Anubhav Girdhar

Pouch Wallet is an especially brilliant hack that has received an unprecedented amount of attention. Rohith Srivathsav is a particularly accomplished developer who has previously won the Kyber DeFi hackathon.

Pouch is a peer-to-peer payments and utility dApp with an inbuilt reward system, which overcomes the hurdles of onboarding new users to the crypto ecosystem as well as overhauling the user experience of existing users.

By integrating meta transactions, powered by Matic ecosystem project Biconomy, the user can sign transactions and the relayers send that transaction to the blockchain with no charges for the user – thus providing a seamless UX.

Take a look at the Pouch Wallet demo below:

Bounty Track: Decentralized Storage ($500 prize each)

Aim: Use Moibit, Matic’s partner project, to integrate decentralized storage into your DApp.

There were two winning hacks for this bounty track which stood out from the rest of the competition in this category.

Winner 1: CourtLedger, by Kush Daga, Dhairya Sethi, Apoorv Lathey & Parth Shah

CourtLedger is a decentralized and tamper-proof solution for storing evidence for court proceedings.

By storing evidence digitally on Moibit’s decentralized storage solution in an encrypted manner, with every record stored on the Ethereum blockchain, Courtledger provides a solution for missing or tampered evidence – which has traditionally been a major cause of miscarriages of justice.

Courtledger demo:

Winner 2: DiskSpace 3.0, by Sarvesh Dubey & Prakash Saini

DiskSpace 3.0 solves the problems of personal data storage related to traditional centralized storage, such crashing in downtimes and slow downloading and uploading speeds, by utilizing Moibit.

The solution also incorporates advanced internal features missing from traditional data storage solutions, including end-to-end encryption, the ability to share data via QR code, and secure video broadcasting – opening the door to many valuable use cases.

DiskSpace 3.0 demo:

Bounty track: Open Track ($250 prize each)

Aim: Use Matic Network to deploy some cool hacks and your ingenuity will be rewarded! No restrictions – just build some cool hacks that leverage Matic Network with a proper use case.

Three hacks particularly impressed us in the Open Track category, and each won the Matic bounty prize for their incredible innovations.

Winner 1: Sentinel AI, by Anudit Nagar

Sentinel AI is a blockchain-based decentralized AI ecosystem allowing any ML model to learn from local user data in a privacy-preserving manner, rewarding devices that help improve the accuracy of the global model.

The solution enables blockchain to be utilized as backbone to facilitate decentralized machine learning technologies, providing benefits including advanced security and seamless monetisation opportunities for those contributing data.

Check out a demo of Sentinel AI below:

Winner 2: Adiutorium, by Arvind Kalra & Pranav Singhal

Adiutorium is built by a talented developer team who have previously won Nucypher’s bounty at ETHDenver 2018. Their solution for ETHIndia Online is a decentralised fundraising platform which uses blockchain to provide complete transparency on how campaign funds are used. In addition, once a campaign ends, all the unspent funds are sent back to the donors which is made possible by the use of smart contracts.

Using Adiutorium, people can create campaigns and donate to causes they wish, with assurity that any funds spent inside the platform will never be misused.

Winner 3: SocialStreams, by snaketh4x0r

SocialStreams is a payment solution which utilizes Uniswap and Sablier to enable users to stream funds to another user in a continuous manner, on a pay-by-time basis. Essentially, users can pay for a person’s time securely via blockchain.

This solution has a variety of potential use cases, including paying experts or professionals for their time to provide insights on their area of expertise.

The SocialStreams team maintained active communication with the Matic team throughout building their hack in order to effectively resolve their queries. It was a pleasure to help the team create such an innovative solution!

Screenshot of the SocialStreams interface

Closing thoughts: onward to India’s decentralized future

It was an honor to be a leading part of this ground-breaking format of ETHIndia. We’d like to thank our hackathon partners, Devfolio, for organising such an incredible event, and we look forward hugely to the next iteration of ETHIndia Online!

Poised to overtake the US with the largest developer population globally by 2024 and home to a rapidly growing crypto community, India is positioned to become a leading hub of blockchain innovation. The impressive talent displayed by the ETHIndia Online hackers lends credence to this. It’s clear that India has a bright decentralized future ahead.

We are proud to be taking such a prominent role in spearheading the acceleration of blockchain adoption in India and look forward to our decentralized future!

India, let’s keep BUIDLing!

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