Validator Onboarding Phase 2 is Complete! Onward to a Fully Decentralized Network

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Matic Network is quickly heading towards full decentralization!

Our phased staking rollout is taking place over multiple steps, in-line with our mainnet rollout, in order to ensure that validator onboarding and mainnet deployment is achieved as smoothly as possible. The first two steps (Phase 1 and Phase 2) have now been successfully completed and we are now entering into the third and final phase of our staking rollout.

Having formed a strong backbone of top-tier validators throughout Phase 2, ultimate network decentralization will be achieved during this final phase. Community-run validator nodes will be added to the network, increasing the number of active distributed public nodes significantly.

We are committed to building the strongest possible staking ecosystem, and couldn’t be more excited to see this coming to fruition! We look forward to moving to complete decentralization as we increase the public validator slots to 100 over the coming weeks.

Find out how you can become a Matic Network validator below.

Validator Onboarding Progress So Far

During Phase 1, we ensured that our infrastructure was set up for the launch of the network by onboarding our Foundation nodes and the nodes run by our selected DApp partners (Infosys, Torus, Arkane Network, Sapien Network and Biconomy).

Phase 2 saw a significant increase in the decentralization of Matic Network as we opened up the network to 30+ additional public validators!

The validators which onboarded to the network during Phase 2 are largely top-tier professional industry validators. These were added steadily but regularly over a number of weeks:

  • Staked: Provider of highly reliable & secure staking infrastructure for 20+ PoS protocols on behalf of the leading investors in the industry.
  • Stake Capital: One of the industry’s most trusted DeFi and staking service providers, providing validation services for leading PoS blockchains.
  • Validation Capital: Premier infrastructure and investment firm for proof-of-stake and next-generation blockchain networks.
  • Newroad Network: Industry leading company in digital asset staking, which also provides independent advice & services.
  • Node A-Team: Top-tier validator based in South Korea with an impressive record of winning awards for their validation services.
  •’s staking arm. Utilizes highly secure Tier 3 data centers across multiple geographical locations.
  • Bi23 Labs: Trusted PoS infrastructure provider and validator helping to secure the industry’s leading PoS networks.
  • BCW Group: Global blockchain strategy & management consulting firm with a variety of high-profile corporate clients.
  • WolfEdge Capital: Crypto-based investment fund with an exclusive focus on the most ambitious early stage blockchain startups.
  • StaFi: Pioneering DeFi protocol enabling token holders to unlock liquidity of staked assets.
  • YieldWallet: Staking-as-a-service platform based out of India, offering non-custodial staking services for a variety of crypto assets.
  • FreshMatic: MATIC validator operated by Mitera BV, a private investment fund established in 2014 and focused on SaaS technology companies.
  • Torus Labs: Open-source key management system providing frictionless logins for DApps, backed by Coinbase and Binance.
  • Biconomy: Blockchain user experience enhancement solution enabling meta transactions to negate the need for gas fees, powered by Matic.
  • Decentral Games: Creator of non-custodial, provably fair casino games in Decentraland, powered by Matic.
  • Polyient Games: Investment firm focused on the NFT and blockchain gaming industries, backing multiple Matic ecosystem projects.
  • Ethermon: Popular NFT collectible simulation game ecosystem on Ethereum with over 11,000 players.
  • Chain Guardians: Immersive crypto-meets-anime NFT game building on Matic Network.
  • And many more

These 30+ top-tier validators constitute the strong backbone of our validator ecosystem, bringing a wealth of technical expertise and experience to help to ensure a secure Matic mainnet.

Phase 3: Full-Blown Public Validator-Run Decentralized Network

Phase 3 is what all of our efforts so far have been leading up to – full decentralization! In order to ensure a smooth transition to full decentralization, this phase will take place in two sub-phases: 3a and 3b.

Phase 3a

During the first segment of Phase 3a, we will open the network to public validators. The remainder of the 100 validator slots will be gradually opened to accommodate public validators, allowing community members to join the network as validators.

Phase 3b

Phase 3b will begin once the 100 validator slots have been filled. We will begin by shutting down all Matic Foundation nodes, at which time delegations will be enabled for all public validators and the community will have to switch their delegations to non-Foundation nodes. This will ensure that public validators exclusively receive delegations from the Matic community and also more importantly, there is no bias to any validators who might have joined early from the delegators, and the network will no longer depend on the Matic Foundation nodes to be running.

We will release detailed communication on the actual mechanism to inform the community well in advance about the need to move their delegation from the Matic Foundation nodes to other public validators. We are working on creating a mechanism by which there is a smooth transition.

With the conclusion of Phase 3, the network reaches true decentralization and the governance will be handed over to the community via an on-chain governance mechanism – details of which will be released in due course of time.

Become a Matic Network Validator!

With the beginning of Phase 3 of our validator onboarding, we’re opening up validator slots to the entire community. Anyone who wishes to do so can set up a validator node in order to contribute to the security and decentralization of the Matic mainnet.

In addition to being able to play a key role in the successful functioning of Matic Network, active validators will also earn a passive income via fees generated from providing staking services for the Matic community. MATIC token holders will delegate their tokens to the validators, and validators will charge a commission (rate set by the validators themselves) to receive a percentage of their delegators’ staking rewards for their service.

Follow the instructions here to begin setting up your validator node on the Matic mainnet:

If you need any assistance with the setup process, please leave a message in the ‘validator-queries’ or ‘mainnet-validators’ channel of our dev & validators Discord server and one of the Matic dev team members will assist:


The validator node setup process will take approximately 2-3 days. Once completed, a health check needs to be performed to check the node is set up correctly. This check needs to be completed in this phase by one of the Matic Network dev team members (once the process settles down, the Matic team will not be involved in this process). Once your node is established, please ping @Delroy on Discord to organize the health check.

The health check is mandatory for now. It will not be required going forward.

The Next Significant Milestone

Thank you to everyone who is already helping to secure the network via staking and to those intending to run a validator node! As a decentralized network, our community is the most important factor in our success. We’re lucky to have such a large and engaged supporter base.

Staking Guide here:

Phase 3 of our staking rollout represents a significant milestone in the journey of Matic Network. Onward to full decentralization 😎

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