Welcoming Chainflow as an Official Staking Partner – Matic Network

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Our decentralized network of validators is responsible for taking part in our PoS consensus mechanism, producing blocks, and committing checkpoints to the Ethereum mainchain. Thus, validators play an integral role in ensuring the health of Matic Network.

We are therefore onboarding a series of top-tier industry validators as official Staking Partners to ensure the utmost security and performance of our mainnet for our growing ecosystem of DApps waiting to onboard.

Introducing Chainflow

We’re thrilled to reveal that Chainflow will be one of these validators in our staking ecosystem, allowing MATIC holders to delegate their tokens to Chainflow’s validator node.

Chainflow is a top-tier validation service provider created by Chris Remus, a highly respected individual in the space who has been adding value to the crypto and blockchain industry since early 2016. Chainflow currently offers staking services for a range of PoS networks including Cosmos, Livepeer and Solana.

Chris has been an original member of the Cosmos Validator Working Group since October 2017, and Chainflow is consistently within the top-40 Cosmos validators in terms of total staked ATOM, with more than 1 million ATOM currently staked via their node.

Chainflow prides itself on prioritizing all delegators exactly the same, no matter the size of their stake.

My intention is for the Chainflow Staking Systems to be inclusive, not exclusive. This means any stake amount is welcome, no matter how big or small. There’s no minimum staking requirement. There are also no preferential terms or treatment for one delegate over another. Big stakes and small stakes get the same attention. The smallest stakeholder is as important as the largest.

Chris Remus, Founder – Chainflow

Chris not only provides top-class validation services through Chainflow, but also offers advisory services for staking networks like Akash, NuCypher, Regen and Solana. He has been recognised numerous times for his excellent work in the space.

Chris also believes smaller, capable and dedicated validator operators are critical to maintain stake decentralization. He advocates for these validators through Staking Defense.

Due to his unparalleled expertise in the staking arena, we will not only be working with Chainflow to help to secure our mainnet, but we will also be working alongside Chris to perfect our staking strategy.

About Chainflow

Chainflow is a top-tier validation service provider created by Chris Remus. He caught the blockchain brain virus in early 2016 and has become deeply involved in the crypto and blockchain community since then. Chris has been operating validators since joining as one of the first members of the Cosmos Validator Working Group in October 2017, and Chainflow now offers validation services for Cosmos, Livepeer and Solana.

Chris has a strong background in telecom and IT infrastructure. It’s no surprise, therefore, that Chainflow’s cloud-based nodes are set up and maintained in a way to maximise uptime and minimise latency; Chainflow does not compromise on security or reliability.

We’re thrilled to have Chainflow as a Validator and look forward to working closely with Chris to ensure a strong staking ecosystem for Matic Network.

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