Welcoming Stake Capital as an Official Staking Partner – Matic Network

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Building a Strong Ecosystem of Network Validators

Our decentralized network of Validators are responsible for taking part in our PoS consensus mechanism, producing blocks, and committing checkpoints to the Ethereum mainchain. Thus, Validators play an integral role in ensuring the health of Matic Network. We are therefore onboarding a series of tier-1 industry Validators as Official Staking Partners to ensure the utmost network security and performance.

Stake Capital will be one of these Validators in our staking ecosystem, allowing MATIC holders to delegate their tokens to Stake Capital’s Validator node in order to generate a passive income via staking rewards.

You can find our more about our staking rewards structure in our Staking Economics blog post here.

As well as contributing to network security and providing staking services for the community, we will also be collaborating closely with Stake Capital to utilize their expertise on staking economics, working with them on testnet event stages, and on outreach to spread awareness of Matic’s staking program.

About Stake Capital

Stake Capital is one of the industry’s most trusted DeFi and staking service providers, providing highly reliable and secure blockchain validation services for the industry’s leading proof-of-stake networks.

From integrating hardware security module (HSM) support directly into their Tier 3+ servers, to deploying cloud based sentry nodes across the globe to ensure uptime and minimise latency, Stake Capital does not compromise on security or reliability.

They have partnered with BSO, an award-winning Ethernet network, Cloud and Hosting provider. BSO provides dedicated and secure connectivity to their HSM-enabled servers for maximum security. In addition, Stake Capital is working with two leading cloud providers (Amazon Web Services & Google Cloud) to provide optimal reliability.

We are thrilled to have Stake Capital as an official Staking Partner!

Our staking ecosystem will continue to grow stronger as we move closer towards our upcoming staking launch.

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