Why Matic is Quickly Becoming the Go-To Platform for Gaming DApps & Beyond

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We recently concluded the first-ever Matic Network Gaming Week, welcoming 5 new gaming DApps into the Matic ecosystem. Gaming Week was held in conjunction with our ongoing Deployment Week, signalling Matic’s increasing strength on both the adoption and mainnet deployment fronts.

Blockchain gaming is evolving at an impressive rate and gaming is set to become a major onboarding ramp to blockchain for the masses in the coming years, but the development of high-performance infrastructure is critical if we are to see this come to fruition. This is where Matic Network comes into play.

Before we discuss how Matic is helping to scale the global blockchain ecosystem, let’s dive into some of the new additions to the Matic ecosystem welcomed during Gaming Week!

Gaming Week Recap: The Matic Ecosystem Continues to Grow Stronger

During this week’s Gaming Week, we announced five new gaming DApps which will be onboarding to the Matic mainnet later this month.

Synergy of Serra

Synergy of Serra is a new breed of blockchain-powered trading card game, merging classic strategy card games with the infinite game experience possibilities of deck-builder card games.

🌐 https://synergyofserra.com/


CrypCade is a gaming/entertainment ecosystem integrating skill-based gaming and luck-based gambling, with a huge range of games already on offer.

Currently running on the TRON blockchain, they’ve chosen to onboard to Matic Network in order to provide their users with a seamless gameplay experience.

🌐 https://crypcade.io

Pirates 2048

Set in a future in which climate change & WW3 have reduced the planet to nothing but open sea and nuclear wasteland, Pirates 2048 is an upcoming multiplayer pirate ship battle game.

Each player controls a pirate ship and must fight to survive at sea by battling other ships. Crypto is rewarded as a prize for destroying other players’ ships.

🌐 https://pirates2048.com/


CryptoAssault is a strategy war MMO with economic incentives. Players move their battle units around an expansive 3D map to capture territory, mine resources and battle other units. Each unit is an NFT which can be combined together to form stronger units.

Players are rewarded daily with ETH based on the amount of land they own.

🌐 https://cryptoassault.io/

Boom Elements

Boom Elements is created by Eggies World. Each player must select at least 1 of 4 elements before playing. If the selected element doesn’t crush your robot at the end of each round, you win!

Running on TRON currently, Boom Elements will soon also be powered by Matic Network for a superior gameplay experience.

🌐 https://eggies.world/boom-elements/

The Need for Layer 2 Scaling

On the technical level, there have been many hindrances to creating attractive blockchain-powered games for the mainstream. Currently, blockchain game developers struggle with slow transaction times and high transaction fees, thus leading to poor user experience.

This has led to DApps which are slow, unintuitive and uninteresting, unable to handle complex gameplay. Such games are not attractive to mainstream users who are used to a streamlined, intuitive gaming experience – which has resulted in a technical bottleneck to adoption. However, solutions such as Matic are being developed to facilitate a seamless blockchain gaming experience.

Why Gaming DApps are Choosing Matic Network in Particular

Although there are a wide range of Layer 2 scaling solutions on the market, Matic is the leading scaling solution by far in terms of adoption (with 60+ DApps building on our infrastructure already and 60+ more in the process of integrating/exploring integration). This makes Matic within the top 10-20 blockchain platforms in the industry in terms of adoption.

Key reasons why DApps choose to onboard to Matic Network:

  • Near-instant blockchain transactions, with block times of ~2 seconds.
  • Transaction fees less than 1/1000th of the fees on the Ethereum mainchain (see here for a detailed comparison).
  • Unparalleled technical support for developers.
Boom Elements (Gaming Week DApp) team member commenting on the support received by the Matic team
  • Seamless migration for existing Ethereum DApps (and comprehensive assistance with migration for DApps from other blockchain).
  • Access to, and assistance with, a wide range of developer tooling.
  • Developer support programs including our DSP, Build-n-Earn incentive program, and DeFi incubator.

An increasing number of gaming DApp developers are recognising the benefits that Matic Network provides in enabling their DApps to flourish and thrive. Not only do we cater to upcoming games, but we are also powering some of the industry’s largest and most anticipated blockchain-powered games.

Examples of major gaming DApps building on Matic Network

Way Beyond Just Gaming: Powering the Global Blockchain Ecosystem

As excited as we are to be becoming the clear go-to platform for gaming DApps, there’s much more to the Matic ecosystem than just gaming. As a general-purpose platform, Matic is capable of powering all types of DApps, and we already have 60+ DApps building on Matic Network (with many more in the pipeline to onboard).

We’ve also seen a huge increase in interest from DeFi developers to utilize Matic Network’s layer 2 solution, especially in the midst of the exponentially increasing fees on the Ethereum mainchain. There are already multiple DeFi projects building innovative solutions on Matic to advance the decentralized finance revolution.

We also recently launched our multi-million dollar DeFi incubator program, offering DeFi innovators assistance with financial and business development support, in addition to other benefits. The interest in the program is overwhelming; expect many more DeFi-related updates moving forward!

DApp Developers, Let’s BUIDL Together!

If you have a DApp of any kind – be it gaming, DeFi, gambling, social, business or in any other niche – you could benefit from Matic Network’s high-speed, low-fee infrastructure and our assistance to transform your DApp from a great idea into a successful DApp business.

Connect with us on our developer Discord to discuss how we can help your DApp thrive together:

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